MOFCOM Regular Press Conference


June 9, 2022




Shu Jueting: Friends from the press, good afternoon. Welcome to MOFCOM’s regular press conference.


Since I don’t have announcements to make today, we can directly proceed to the Q&A session.


The floor is now open.




CGTN: It is reported that the 2022 BRICS Trade Ministers Meeting will be held today. What are China’s expectations for this meeting?




Shu Jueting: China will host the 12th BRICS Trade Ministers Meeting via video link in Beijing on the evening of June 9.


Representatives from BRICS members and relevant international organizations will attend the meeting.




Trade ministers will exchange views on the digital economy, trade and investment and sustainable development, supply chain cooperation, support for the multilateral trading system, and other topics, which will pave the way for the 14th BRICS summit on trade and economic fronts. Thank you.






PHTV: U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina M. Raimondo said in a recent interview that she is considering rolling back some tariffs on China and believes it may make sense to eliminate tariffs on some daily necessities and bicycles, but she also said that the Biden administration has decided to keep some tariffs on steel and aluminum to protect American workers and the steel industry.


What is MOFCOM’s response to this?




Shu Jueting: We have noted a series of statements by the U.S. recently about considering the elimination of some tariffs on China, which we have responded to several times.


China’s position on this issue is consistent and clear.


Given the high inflation situation globally, it is in the interest of enterprises and consumers to eliminate all additional tariffs on China, which will benefit both China and the United States and the whole world. Thank you.




China Daily: The WTO’s 12th Ministerial Conference will take place soon.


What are MOFCOM’s expectations for the outcome?




Shu Jueting: The WTO’s MC12 will be held between June 12 and 15 in Geneva, Switzerland.


Minister Wang Wentao of Commerce of China will attend the MC12.




In recent years, economic globalization has encountered headwinds, unilateralism and protectionism have been on the rise, the Appellate Body has been grounded to a halt and the authority and efficacy of the WTO have faced serious threats.


At the same time, the severe situation of Covid-19 has brought challenges to the work of the WTO. All parties strongly hope that the WTO can resume normal operation as soon as possible, and promote the rules to keep pace with the times.


At present, members are conducting intensive consultations on TRIPS waiver for COVID vaccines, pandemic response, fisheries subsidies, agriculture, food security, and other topics. They will also discuss the future work priorities of the WTO at the meeting.




China will actively participate in MC12, support the development of WTO reform in the right direction, support the inclusive development of the multilateral trading system, and support the legitimate rights and interests of developing members. China will unswervingly uphold true multilateralism, maintain the status of the multilateral trading system as the main channel for making international rules, and push for positive and pragmatic results of MC12 so that the WTO can play a greater role in addressing global challenges and promoting post-pandemic economic recovery. Thank you.




South China Morning Post of Hong Kong: Shanghai is reopening gradually. Will the fifth China International Import Export (CIIE) be held physically in Shanghai as usual in November as scheduled?




Shu Jueting: At present, we are making steady progress according to the original plan with everything running smoothly.


In terms of the business exhibition, the contracted area has exceeded 75% of the planned area, and the number of Fortune 500 and leading companies has exceeded 250.


The country exhibition provides an online platform for participating countries to display flexibly their the comprehensive image in various forms and promote their trade, investment and industrial development. Related work is underway and many countries have confirmed their participation.


Preparatory work for the Hongqiao Forum, an international public good themed on global openness, is orderly underway. The Forum will continue to publish the World Openness Report 2022 and the World Openness Index as it did last year.




On top of that, the fifth CIIE is now registering professional audiences and accepting applications for organizing supporting activities. Work related to cultural exchanges and on-site services provision is progressing as planned.


All parties are welcome to follow, support and participate in the fifth CIIE to pool positive energy for open global cooperation. Thanks.




Shu Jueting: Have you got any other question?


If not, today’s press conference comes to an end. Thank you.