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Saint Petersburg, Russia

Defining Language Expertise

Echtralex provides expert consulting and managed services in the fields of lexicography, curriculum development, parallel text compilation, data brokering, machine translation, and natural language processing.

We offer cutting-edge solutions to unique problems of language and culture and are proud to be specialists in matters related to the less-commonly taught languages (LCTL) and low resource (LR) languages.

We have provided these services to government, commercial, academic, and non-profit customers.  Whether you need a dictionary, a foreign language reader, a specialized curriculum, a parallel corpus, or training data for a learning MT system, we're ready to put our talent to work for you.

If you're facing a challenging, language-related issue, don't worry: things are looking up.


Michael Horlick
President and Founder

Michael Horlick is the founder of Echtralex. He holds a Master of Public Management (MPM) a Master of Education (M Ed.), and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He is professionally proficient in five languages including Russian, Uzbek, and Chinese, and has co-compiled numerous dictionaries and glossaries featuring more than 150,000 definitions with more than 300,000 examples and collocations. Prior to starting Echtralex, he spent more than sixteen years as a project manager and linguist working on the languages of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and East Asia. He has a proven ability to lead work focused on the analysis, documentation, and teaching of language, and has logged thousands of hours developing curricula and teaching in graduate-level classrooms.


Tom Creamer
Vice President, Language Programs

Mr. Creamer has been a professional Chinese-to-English lexicographer for more than forty years. He was one of the primary editors of the CETA (Chinese-English Translation Assistance) Group's 250,000-entry Chinese-English Dictionary, and has also published several specialized dictionaries of Chinese dialects, neologisms, and specialized domains. He was the Program Manager for the MRM / McNeil Tecnologies / AECOM Language Research Center for more than 15 years and the director of Dunwoody Press, overseeing more than 50 publications in the less-commonly taught languages. He was also a program manager at the Van Dyke Technology Group where he won contracts to improve the development of bilingual dictionaries and automate the collection on new words from amassed parallel text.