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Lexicography and Dictionary Compilation

Language changes every day. We have captured and documented this natural process through the creation of foundational bilingual dictionaries as well as new word, colloquial and slang dictionaries. Our experts have written more than a million exemplified definitions.

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Foreign Language Reader Construction

Bilingual readers need to include components such as native texts, translations, vocabularies and notes. Finding a book that has everything is rare. If you're looking to help your students advance their proficiency, consider a customized title in your language of interest.

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Test Creation and Development

Assessment tools are crucial to vetting proficiency and scaling skill level. Our experts have delivered more than 600 ILR level 2 and 3 exams in more than 100 languages. If you have specialized testing needs, we're ready to help.

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Parallel Corpora and MT Training Data

Machine translation systems and neural networks - not to mention humans - need quality data to learn. Our experts can find, match and align data at the paragraph, sentence or word level and have delivered more than 5 million words in more than 25 languages.

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Echtralex employs native speakers and qualified learners of a wide array of foreign languages to offer gold standard translation services under the 541930 NAICS code.

Echtralex offers custom software programming under the 511210 and 541511 NAICS codes. We have particular expertise using NLP in the assembly of parallel corpora.

Echtralex offers educational support services under the 611630 and 611710 NAICS codes and focuses on foreign language curriculum design and specialized materials development.

Echtralex provides research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities under the 541720 NAICS code. Please contact us for more information.

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